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December 2010

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Today I'm Floating

I had such an awesome dream, I feel I just have to type it up now while it's still fresh in my memory! It was so good, I woke up in the most silly, playful mood and I've been bouncing around all morning. Ah yiss, here goes.....

In my dream, myself and my family lived in this wonderful, big English cottage with a beautiful flowery garden. We were still in Hemel, as after pottering around the house for a while in my dream I decided to go to the antique market in middle of the town. While weaving through the huge crowds that had gathered I spotted this absolutely gorgeous French Period chair. It had elegant woodwork on the backing, and the seat was covered with a graceful pale green patterned silk. The wood was covered in scratches, and the silk covered in stains, but it was still a very handsome chair. I was hovering around it, remarking at it's beauty, when the stall owner, an Asian man about 20 years old, came sidling up to me and showed me the £50 price tag. I said no, for the condition it's in, it's a bad price. The man looked at me rather sorrowfully. 'Thats just what Nick said.' He said morosely. '"terrible condition and outrageously priced!"' he said. Such a rude person.' and he gave me a dissaproving look like it was my fault.

In my dream you see, everyone just automatically knows who Nick is. Everyone, I don't know how. They just do. They automatically know he's my Wulfie too, for some unknown, crazy reason. My mind plays funny tricks sometimes. :D

After I'd asked the Asian man where Nick was, he pointed to the indoor shopping center so that's where I went. I spent ages weaving my way through the unusually thick crowd that had gathered. I eventually found him, my little heart racing so loud. He was standing in the middle of the center, wearing a long black overcoat, not unlike Dr Who-ish. :p I don't actually recall exactly what happened in the brief time after that, or maybe my mind had subconciously known that I wouldn't know what to do and it skipped that part. What I do recall is that Nick told me he was hungry so we went in search of a food vendor. Again, my mind skipped a little, and the next thing I knew we were walking along with some gorgeous looking toffee popcorn thing on a stick. We came across the back entrance of a big stage theatre, or something of the sort. I decided it was time for a bit of mischief and crept in, not stopping to see if Nick would follow. After wandering around in there for a few minutes I came across a man at a podium, and realised it was an important government meeting and that was the Prime Minister talking :D There were bodyguards everywhere. I climbed some scaffholding to get a better look at this private meeting, but after I'd sat there for a minute two of the huge, burly bodyguards spotted me and started making thier way towards the scaffholding. I scurried my way down and Nick was at the bottom, looking quite amused. We were chased a little while by the bodyguards, eventually emerging uncaught out of a side entrance, where Nick actually had a big, black motorbike waiting. Which was very very stupid of my mind to come up with, Nick definately would never own a bike. :p I have no idea why it gave him one, but hey, it did, and we used it to get away from the theatre building and down the roads back to my house. A good portion of my dream was revolved around that bike ride, and I remember just seeing the back of his head and the world wizzing past and feeling his bodyheat.  

We got back safely and the cottage was empty, save for mum obliviously doing the ironing upstairs. In the cottage in my dream it was layed out like a bigger version of my Nans house: walk into an entrance hall, where the kitchen is directly in front of you, the living room to the right and the staircase to the left. We stood in the entrance hall for a while, just talking among ourselves. The strange thing was, I didn't hear any voices of any sort in my dream, and yet I automatically knew what people were saying. Just without hearing them. We talked for five minutes, and at some point Nick had a drink in his hand, but after a while the alpha male came storming through the door with the twit at his heels. We both sort of jumped and Nick flattened himself against the wall so as not to be seen, but the alpha male was too busy complaining about something and striding towards the kitchen to notice. Mum came flying down the stairs looking harrased, pandering and whining to the males every little need, and she didn't notice Nick either. We grinned at each other in relief and both went out the front door. He gave me a bit of paper with contact details on it, smiled at me and was gone. I wanted desperately to ask him if he would stay and be back tommorow, not to leave me again, but he was gone before I could ask.

I went into the flowery garden and hid the bit of paper in an empty terracotta pot next to a bench. The moment after it was out of sight the alpha male came out, still in a terrible mood and sat down on the bench demanding to know what I'd done with a book he couldn't find. After telling him I had no idea where it was (which I really didn't), he suddenly had the notion he'd left it inside the terracotta pot and started reaching down to check. 'No no!' I squealed. 'I've just remembered, it's in the living room on the table!' and thankfully he didn't seem the slightest suspitious and went off to check.

After that I woke up, around 3 in the morning. I knew that if I didn't write it all down I'd forget it, so I painstakingly wrote it all out in the note section on my phone then dropped off again. It was such a glorious dream, I hope I'll remember it forever. The adrenaline, the rush, the fun of it. Oh why do these things never happen in real life? :(