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larkas_wulfies's Journal

Hi! This is Larka's Wulfies.

I made my name as a combination of two important things - my online name, Larka, derived from the novel The Sight, and the two most important things to me, my two wulfies. Wulfie number one is my human male whom I adore. We commonly call each other 'my Wulfie', as our relationship started out as a pack-like bond then progressed. My second Wulfie is a real Canadian Timber wolf I own. He's my special boy and goes with me wherever I go. We haven't left each other since he came to me on the 19th December 09.

I enjoy many of the simpler things in life, exploring the countryside, chasing and mock hunting rabbits and such. My biggest pride and joy is my Clan, a pack of various wild canids including a wolf, brush wolves, a coyote, foxes and a black backed jackal. We all live peacfully and get along well together. They're all my boys and I wouldn't part with them for the world.